How to Style Short Hair Men on Your Own

How to Style Short Hair Men on Your Own – Just like how short hair style for women varies greatly with its beautiful look, short hair men can be cool too. Although it is common for men to have short hair, there are countless styles that you can choose in the fashion world. Of course, not all styles can suit every facial shape. Thus, you need to know your own facial shape before choosing what style looks better on you. Below, the writer would like to share how to style short hair men on your own and which facial shape suits it better.

How to Style Short Hair Men

How to Style Short Hair Men with Spike Top

Are you interested in having spiky hairdo? Spike is the most favorite of all men’s short hairstyle which looks good for young men. Actually, it is not that hard as to how to style short hair men on your own. It only needs simple tools like mirror, comb, and hair products to work it out. Furthermore, making a spiky hair will not take you a long time to get it done.
First of all, you need to cut your hair really short since you will need a bit shaved hair on both sides of your head. However, you need to leave some hairs on top to be made into spikes. Then, put some gel or hair glue on your hands and spike your top hairs upwards. While spiking them upwards, you need to make sure for not using too much gel and making all hairs stick in the center. That would not be the right way of how to style short hair men in spike.
If all hairs stick in the center, there would be only one spike on your head. For spiky hair style to work out, you should make sure some hairs spiked separately on top. It is better to use your fingers to make many spikes. Now, you have known how to style short hair men in spike on your own. For this men’s short hairdo, it is best to be used by men who have wide facial shape.

How to Style Short Hair Men

How to Style Short Hair Men with High Forward Top

High forward top is a hairdo which is close to the spiky one. The similarity between those two is its idea of having a volume on top and leaving fewer hairs in both sides of the head. As how to style short hair men with high forward top, first you need to have a damp hair so that it will be easier for you to manage the hair. Then, use your fingers with gel to straight up your top hairs and straight down the rests; both sides and the back.
By doing this, you should have high top hairs and flat sides and back hairs by now. Lastly, for this style to be a high forward one, you need to use your hands to make your high top hairs forward your face. As for the facial shape required, this style suits all types of face. Now you know the way of how to style short hair men with high forward top.

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