Hairstyles Bun Ideas, Simple and Easy

Hairstyles Bun Ideas – Hairstyle Bun are great in any situation, you can use it to work, when you go out with friends, party, dinner or even on special occasions.
This kind of hairstyle is very simple to do and didn’t require any accessories or some special products.
Here are some simple hairstyle bun ideas for medium or long hair that you can create quickly and easily.


Low Loop

hairstyles bun ideas

A good choice for mornings where you’re in a hurry, being a perfect hairstyle for work.
A lightweight bun hairstyle with a loop shape. Put a ponytail on your head, then twist it in a loop.


Bun “Half”

hairstyles bun ideas

It is suitable for an afternoon in the company or hangout with friends at cafe and you can do it in a few minutes. Make a bun with only half your hair, leave it the rest on your shoulder.


Two of braids

hairstyles bun for party

An ideal hairstyle for an evening in the club. Make a path in the middle, then braid two tails from the bottom up half the length of the hair. Then twist the hair left free to form two hair bun.


Bun “Crown”

hairstyles bun for medium hair

It is ideal for a dinner at restaurant or go out with friends. Braid in the shape of a crown two strands of equal hair, then catch them in a bun along with free hair.


Bun Down with braiding

hairstyles bun for long hair

It fits beautifully for special occasions, being simple but elegant.

Start weaving the hair from one side, then make a small bun under the braid.

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Bun “Messy”

simple hairstyles bun ideas

It is the perfect choice for an active weekend that  you spend in the park. Create a small braided tail on one side, then catch it along with the rest of the hair as in a normal bun, but leave a few free strands.

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