Popular Types of Haircuts for Men

The types of haircuts for men are so many but usually, men just want to follow the popular option without forgetting about their personal taste. Here are some popular options which can be chosen by men for their latest haircut.


Cropped Fringe

The fringe will look great on men with the right styling. For instance, men can try the cropped fringe combined with short hair. This is the mesmerizing simple hairstyle which many men are looking for. Another type of fringe which can be considered is the blunt cut one and it will look superb when combined with the skin fade cut.



Buzzcut Hairstyle Men

It is normal when men want to keep their haircut simple but of course, they still want to look amazing with the haircut. Buzzcut surely can keep everything simple but it will look great when it is combined with the shape up style as well as the disconnected beard.


Short Textured

Short Textured Haircut Men

The short haircut for men is totally timeless but there must be a way of making it more attractive and less boring. It can be done by texturing it. It is sure that this hairstyle for men for any occasion from the formal to the casual one.


High Fade

High Fade Haircut Men

It is true that the high fade is still popular among men. The high fade can be combined with various haircuts for getting the perfect look such as the textured quiff and the loose pompadour.


Medium Length

Medium Length Hairstyle Men

Medium length hairstyle will look great as well for men and it is pretty popular. The hair might have a messy look but there is no one who can refuse men with a little bit messy hairstyle. This haircut must be worth to try.


Slicked Back

Slick Back Haircut Men

There is no doubt that the slicked back hairstyle must be a classic yet sophisticated hairstyle for men. It is simple and it can be styled into various looks. They even do not have to part the hair to get the best look with this hairstyle. Nevertheless, they can find a cool result when combining the side part and slicked back style for their hair.


Long Hair Undercut

Long Hair Undercut Men

The long hair undercut for men can be a great combination which will draw people’s attention easily. There are various styles which can work with this haircut. The long hair can just be swept aside to reveal the undercut. It can also be made into the Viking chic look which can be kind of tempting types of haircuts for men.

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