Ideas of Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

The right haircuts for men with thick hair will not only help them control their hair but also look great at the same time. Some men usually will stick to the same style when they have thick hair but there is nothing wrong to consider these great hairstyles below.


Blown Quiff

Haircut for men with thick hair

There is no doubt that quiff for the thick hair will make it striking. It is sure that the eyes will be drawn easily to the smooth motion arc which can be found from the quiff style.


Thick Top

Haircut for guys with thick hair

This is the style of the hair for men that will pack the thick hair on the top of the head. Meanwhile, the side hair will be clipped for making the powerful contrast to the whole look. The hair will look fun, vibrant, and fluffy.


Tousled and Roll

Ideas haircut for men with thick hair

The thick hair owner can try to tousle their hair into any kind of curls as well as waves. It will be a perfect way to provide the soft impression to their hair. The hair can be left to breathe without using too much hair products. This is the hairstyle which looks like a wake up appearance.


Voluminous Curly

Haircuts for guys with thick curly hair

Having the thick hair does not mean that men cannot add some volume to their hairstyle. The curly hairstyle will be a great way for adding some volume to the short hair. The thick hair has the smooth texture and it will shine through with this style. It looks more alive as well.


Wavy Brush Up

Best haircut for guys with thick hair

The wavy style will help the men to make their thick hair looks soft as well as smooth. The front hair will be brushed up so there will be side swept quiff made. The maximum effect can be found by keeping the rest of the hair full.


Long Curly

Long curly haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

This is the hairstyle for men who have the thick hair that wants to keep it simple. The hair will be kept long and very curly. The curls are bolder because of the thick hair. That is why the shapes are varied just like the movement options.


High Volume Undercut

High volume haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

For men who want to have a dramatic effect from their hairstyle, there is no doubt that this high volume undercut can be a great option. The hair must be brushed almost on the side for getting this style. It can be very exciting with the quiff as a focal point of the haircuts for men with thick hair.

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