How to Make and How to Style Wavy Hair in a Good Way

There is many ways of how to style wavy hair in a good way. However, before going to style your hair, it is also important to give your attention as to how to make wavy hair first. For those who have straight hairs to begin with, there should be as much attention for the making as it is for styling. That is why the writer would like to tell you the wavy hair making before we go to style one on your hair.

How to Style Wavy Hair

Previous Step of How to Style Wavy Hair: The Making

In order to be able to style wavy hair successfully and keep it for longer time in a good condition, there are things we should do in the making. No matter how good your style is if your hairs are not healthy, then there seems to be no use of learning how to style wavy hair. That is why the making is also important. Actually, it is not that hard to make wavy hair as long as you pay attention to the things you used to make one.
The first thing you need to do is to wash your hair by using sulfate free shampoo. This is special shampoo which is free from the cause of hair damages, like weak hair structure. This cause called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) in common shampoo can also reduce the growth of the hairs. Thus, you have to make sure to buy non-sulfate hair products. This is crucial in this previous step of how to style wavy hair.
Once you are done with that, you need to wash your hair and put non-sulfate conditioner as well. Next, leave it for some minutes and you can wash your hair again. After that, you need to dry your wet hairs gently with towel until they are not too drenched to be applied with curling products, like curling balm. There you go. Now you have made healthy wavy hairs on your own in a good way. Below, we will go further as to how to style wavy hair that you have just made.

How to Style Wavy Hair

The Very Step of How to Style Wavy Hair

As it was said before, there are many ways of how to style wavy hair. One of them is called shoulder-skimming hairstyle. As to make this beautiful wavy hairstyle, first you need make side parting in whichever side you prefer the most. After that, you need to make sure to cut your hair into a medium length. Then, you just need to tidy it up a bit more so that your hairs will not look messy.
With this style on, you need to leave your ear open in the side where there are shorter hairs due to the side parting by putting your hairs behind your ear. Meanwhile, you leave the other ear to be covered with the longer hairs on the other side of the shorter one. This is one of examples of how to style wavy hair. There are still a bunch of wavy hairdos out there, so you can always pick the one you like and suit you the most.

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