Various Inspired Choices of Hair Color for Long Hair

Those who have long hair, you are lucky enough since there are a lot of ideas that are available for improving the looks of your haircut. Moreover, the ideas are also available for whatever the type of your hair is whether it is curly, straight, or the others. For those who want to refresh the look of long hair, you can choose many choices of hair color for long hair as best alternative. Furthermore, this is the easiest way to refresh your look rather must cut your beloved long hair. Below are several recommended colors that are suitable for long hair.

haircolor for long hair

Choosing the impressive hair color for long hair

The first choices of hair color ideas for long hair is dark chocolate. This color will add the dramatic look toward your long hair as well as give incredible shine. You can also combine this hair color for long hair by applying Dutch or upside down French braid with few curls. This hair color is suitable for those who have light to the medium skin tone with soft cool undertone. Also, it will work well for those who have thick hair density. As you are bride to be, it can be your impressive choice.

The red flair is also recommended for those who are looking for suitable hair color for long hair. By adding the bright red highlight or the extension is a kind of best way for brightening up the beautiful look of dark brown hair without too contrast look. Those who have medium skin tones, you can play the hair color in pinks, blue, and also red. For the hair texture from medium to thick, it will really work well as it achieves the curly pompadour hairstyle with this hair color. Smooth dies over and insert the pins to get the great finish look.

hair color for long hair

Others hair color option for long hair is namely as chocolate caramel. This is a type of milk chocolate brown color which is beautified with flick of caramel can soften those who have dark brown hair. Also, you can add the tight curls then pin each side back into Mohawk hairstyle that will bring this hair color for long hair to be more fun. This color will work well for those who have medium texture and natural wave or curl.

Last but not the least, you can also choose golden brown as gorgeous tones. It will take your hairstyle to others level with rich golden and warm brown. Also, it has most subtle highlight which look as sun makes those. This hair color for long hair is suitable for medium hair texture with natural wave.

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