Tips of Hair Color for Olive Skin

For those who have olive skin, you are lucky enough since you can great advantage from the skin with sun kissed that always glow all years. To complete your beautiful look, you are recommended to complete the skin with healthy looking compliment and complexion with various choices of hair color for olive skin. Alike the other skin tones, the olive complexion will be able to fall both with warm or cool hair color. Below are several ideas that can inspire you to in selecting the best hair color.

hair color for olive skin

The general rules of hair color for olive skin

Typically, the dark hair color can suit the tone of olive skin regardless of color or warm skin tones, you can play with dark brown, black, medium brown, as well as the dark reds and darker blonde as the potential hair color. Others hair color ideas for olive skin, you probably can choose two shades darker or lighter than the natural color for your hair since it will accent your look with most flattering finish. The example of hair color for olive skin can be naturally black that is transformed to brown or the dark brown as best ideas to be tried.

For those who want to apply hair warm color for olive skin, you can pick golden or yellow undertone of the olive skin. By choosing the warm tone, it can enhance your look perfectly. There are a lot of shades that can complete the hair color for olive skin. Those can be golden blondes, brunettes in mocha browns, golden browns, auburn, chestnuts, as well as the caramel colors. For the reds one, you can go with light copper or red blondes.

hair color for olive skin

Beautiful girl with hair style

On the other hands, for those who want to play with cool hair colors, there are also a lot of options. Actually, true olive skin is a kind of natural cool tone. In accordance with this, you are recommended to choose cool hair that can bring out best features of the complexion. The ideas of hair color for olive skin can be strawberry blondes, honey blondes, platinum blondes, and ash blondes.

Additionally, if you love the platinum blonde or very light blonde, you can go to try them if the complexion is on lighter side of the olive. In this case, the light blonde on dark olive skin will not look good. The others option of hair color for olive skin can be a violet colors, dark copper, burgundies, blue blacks, and many more.

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