Ways to Style Medium Length Hair Differently using Headband

Medium hair is known as the “not long and not too short” hair. Ways to style medium length hair are not only limited to creations that can be done in short hair. Medium hair can be rolled up or tied in such a way. However, care should be taken in styling medium hair because the length of medium hair is often mess the ponytail. Therefore, we cannot arbitrarily apply long hairstyles for medium hair because it does not work well. Here are medium hair creations that you can try.

Twist Your Medium Hair with Headband

For ways to style medium length hair, you need a small and thin headband. You can adjust the type and shape of the headband in accordance with the style you like. The headband is worn as usual, but the bottom of the headband is not covered with hair. Comb your hair first. Then, place the headband. Roll up the bottom of the hair which is then inserted in the bottom of the headband. With a little effort to tidy up the reels, you can have a style that is quite unique. Choose headband you have that still in good condition so that the hair does not sag.

ways to style medium length hair

For the second idea of ways to style medium length hair, you are required to have a thick headband. This thick headband will be a place to twist your hair. Comb your hair first. Wear a headband with a horizontal shape of the head. Make sure the headband is not going to be separated from the head suddenly. After ascertaining the position of the headband, grab small part of your hair to slip slightly from the left side little by little to the rear section of hair. After the left part already inserted, start right side to tuck the hair as well as the left. Trim the hair and adjust to what you want. Later, the headband will be covered by part your hair, while the front of the headband is still visible.

If you do not have much time to roll one by one the parts to tuck hair headband, you can take a small grab of the left and right part of your medium hair. However, make sure your headband is really tight. Slip lock of your hair to tuck into the back of the headband. Do the same ways to style medium length hair for the right side of the hair. Try to slip it as neat as possible. In fact, you can own creation how you tuck your hair into the headband.

Twist + Bun Your Medium Hair with Headband

In the stifling situation, you can tuck the hair as well as above. Then, the bottom of your medium hair can be styled like big hair bun. Big bun can be adjusted in a state of messy or neat. However, make sure your hair is thick, so it looks fluffy bun. In fact, if you have plenty of time, before you make the bun, you can try ways to style medium length hair by braiding your hair first.

ways to style medium length hair

For the other ways to style medium length hair, you can also use the small and thin headband and tuck the lock of hair in left part. After that, you can make messy bun in the right side. However, this hairstyle can only be done for informal events only. Good luck!

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