How to Get Long Healthy Hair using the Right Treatment at Home

As we know, hair influences a lot in to be valued as good appearance. If your hair is healthy, hair can be easily styled as we want. But, long hair is identically facing many problems. The most common problem is that the hair is dry and fall out. You need to know the how to get long healthy hair without suffering these problems. The problems can also come from stress, chemical things, diet, and hairstyle. Taking care in how to get long healthy hair is important for everybody, especially for you who like to style your hair.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

First of all, to know how to get long healthy hair, it is forbidden for you to always wash your hair with shampoo everyday. Washing your hair everyday can make your hair dry. Your hair needs to produce hair oil to protect it. But, you also cannot let your hair rarely washed. Wash your hair once in 2 or 3 days. Do not forget to take the right shampoo for your hair, not only because of the fragrance of the shampoo.

how to get long healthy hair

Walnut Oil to Get Healthy Hair

In how to get long healthy hair, sing walnut oil can reduce the amount of your hair that fall out. Use walnut oil for 30 until 45 minute before washing your hair with shampoo. Use the walnut oil and massage your head for 15 minutes. After massaging your head, you can let it for 30 minutes. Wash your hair just like usual. The result will come if you have done this for more than 2 weeks. Do not forget to use cold water to wash your hair. Washing hair with cold water can prevent the chemical impact to your hair. Using warm water will open your pores that can let the chemical impact make your hair fall out more.

Use Conditioner to Keep the Hair Healthy

In washing hair with shampoo in how to get long healthy hair, you need to use conditioner. Conditioner works well to moisturize your hair. There are two types of conditioner that you can choose. The first type of conditioner can be used when you wash your hair. Use shampoo first, and then wash your hair. Use conditioner and massage your head. You need to wash your hair after that.

But, you can also use conditioner that does not need to be washed. Dry your hair until it is half dried. Use the conditioner by rubbing the liquid to your hair. Pay attention to the hair ends because they need more treatment than any part of hair. Hair ends has risk of having branched hair instead of how to get long healthy hair.

Hair Tonic Works Well Like Conditioner for Long Hair

Beside conditioner, to get to know how to get long healthy hair, you can use hair tonic to keep protect your hair from dryness. Using hair tonic is as the same as conditioner. Let the hair half dried but never use it when it is totally dried. Hair tonic can protect strength your hair from inside.

how to get long healthy hair

And the last note to answer how to get long healthy hair is never dry your hair using hairdryer. Using hairdryer has big risk in having hair that is too dry. Dry hair can lead to branched hair ends. Besides that, your hair looks like they are flying instead of falling down neatly.

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