The Quick How to Make Hair Long Naturally

It is a dream for every girl to have long hair. The effort of how to make hair long is indeed hard. But, if you know how to cheat the speed of growing hair is better. The result of getting long hair depends on the age and diet. There are some ways that can be used to get maximal result. But it is not always come from chemical products. Chemical products always offer expensive price and we cannot make sure if it works well. Any expensive treatment that is done possibly can damage your healthy hair. Hair cannot accept chemical things that are always used all the time. We can take advantage of natural things that are around us. Using natural is better because it can also keep our hair healthy.

Grow Your Hair Using Olive Oil

Olive oil helps how to make hair long, smooth, and shiny. Use olive oil just like hair oil. This hair gives you good effect to keep healthy. If you like the fragrance of the oil, you can use it for half hour until 1 hour. After that, wash your hair until clean.

how to make hair long

Grow Your Hair by Drinking More Water

Water seems to be forgotten but it is important to speed your hair growth. Drink 8 glass of water everyday can prevent you from dehydration. Besides that, it can also activate the cells in the hair that can grow faster. The more your hair is stronger, the more it gets healthier. It does not require any money but it is helpful in how to make hair long.

Grow Your Hair Using Egg white

Part of egg that will be used to treat hair is the egg white. Egg white consists of high protein that can help forming the new hair. It can also grow fast your hair. The way to use egg white is apply on the whole hair for 15 minutes. After that, wash your hair until clean and that it does not smell bad. You can also mix the egg white with olive oil to get the better result. Besides that, you also need to consume more protein to fill the nutrition needs and hair in how to make hair long. Eat protein everyday to make hair grows faster. It does not always come from egg, but it can also come from other protein such as fishes, chicken, meat, and etc.

Grow Your Hair Using Aloe Vera

Aloe vera seems to be the most common way to grow hair faster. The benefit of aloe vera can prevent from any problem of hair and how to make hair long. The nutrition of aloe vera can help hair to grow faster. Aloe vera can also thicken your hair. Exfoliate aloe vera and then take the gel inside the aloe vera. And then, use the gel to be smeared on the whole skin of the hair. After washing your hair with shampoo, use the aloe vera gel that is mixed with honey. And then, let it for 20 minutes and wash it until cean.

how to make hair long

While doing the natural treatment in how to make hair long, make sure that you are not using any hairdryer. Hairdryer indeed can make your hair dry faster, but that is the reason why hair can be damaged easily. Hair that is often got hairdryer can get dry more than normal. Besides that, the hair ends can be branched because it is too dry. To keep your hair healthy, you better dry your hair naturally. Also, do not always style your hair into pigtail, moreover when you tie your hair too tight. It can slower the growth of your hair.

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