How to Style Short Curly Hair Beautifully

How to Style Short Curly Hair Beautifully – There are many short curly hair styles in the world of fashion. Having short hair does not mean that we cannot look as beautiful as the way people do with long hair. Nowadays, hair stylists have come up with various styles. You can rest assured since they also come up with beautiful short curly hair styles that can change your look and make you an attractive woman. Here, the writer will share two examples of how to style short curly hair.

How to style short curly hair

How to Style Short Curly Hair with Side Swept Style

Actually, having a short hair can be beneficial for us in any way. It is because it can be easily treated rather than the long one which takes longer time. That is why this is the more reason for you to start looking up as to how to style short curly hair and learn how to do it on your own if it is possible. The first short curly hairdo you can do is the one with side swept style.
Normally, side swept style is often used in long hairdo, but it can be used for short hairdo as well. This style looks chic with blonde hair and it is not as short as the boys’ hair. As how to style short curly hair with this style, first you should decide which side parting you prefers the most. Making a parting before doing something with your curly hair, will make it easy to equate your hair length on both sides.
If the length is not the same, then the second thing you can do is to cut your hair and make sure that it is as short as it can go in line with your chin. Once you are done, you can curl your hairs if you have straight ones to begin with. It is best to leave your upper part of hairs to be a bit straight so that this side swept hair style will look various and beautiful to see. This is just a simple way as to how to style short curly hair. You can just ask for stylist’s help to make another beautiful short curly do that suits you better.

Style Short Curly Hair with Boyish Hairstyle

How to Style Short Curly Hair with Boyish Hairstyle

Different than the side swept curly hair which makes you look feminine, there is other style that looks more boyish than that. Then, how to style short curly hair into this boyish hairdo? First, this hairdo requires you to have a super short hair just as short as the boys’. You don’t need to worry since this super short boyish hairdo will not make your feminine look go away just by using this style on. Thus, don’t be afraid of cutting your hair short.
Once you are done cutting it, then you dye your hair to make you look sharp and noticeable. Red color will do just fine as long as you choose the red that does not look too bright. After that, it is the time for the curly part to be made on your short hair. Your hair will not be curled completely. You will only need to curl the top part of your hair. The curls are the ones that will make your super short hair just as beautiful as the others and this is also a beautiful way of how to style short curly hair.

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