Hair Updos for Long Hair in Less than 5 Minutes

Hair Updos for Long Hair in Less than 5 Minutes – Having long hair for some women is like blessing especially if the hair is healthy and smooth. They know that they can simply have great appeal by just letting the hair lose. However, there is a bad tendency about this.

The style is getting boring if you just keep doing the same hairstyle by letting the hair lose. For addition, at certain point, you should find that it might be too bothersome especially if the weather isn’t that friendly like when it’s really hot.

Your long hair will make you all sweaty and it might be smelly too. Having different hairstyles sound like a great plan and one of them is hair updos for long hair.

What the..? Hair updos are so hard to have. That’s exactly how you think when you are recommended to have it. To style the hair that way should demand you to spend a lot of time.

You know that the result can be really great and can give fresh look to you. However, if you don’t do it right, everything will be ruined. Not to mention, you barely have anytime for this. I need to tell you that to have hair updos can actually be easy and fast.

So, you MUST get rid of the thought that hair updos are troublesome and time-consuming. I’ll tell you some of the ideas which can be done in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES!

ballerina bun - hair updos for long hair

Ballerina Bun

The first and also my favorite hair updos that you can do is ballerina bun. It’s totally sleek and stunning.

What you need to do first is to make your long hair smooth enough and make ponytail out of it. Brush your hair properly until it’s smooth enough and you find no tangle there. Then grab the base of your ponytail and tie an elastic there.

Now, you need to bring your ponytail up to the top of your head and start making a loop there. Make a lose knot at the end of your hair and tie it up nicely on the top of your head.

Lastly, you can simply apply hairspray to make the loop/bun look perfect there.

retro crush hair style

hair updos for long hair - vintage retro style

Retro Crush Hairstyle

The next idea I want to share to you is called retro crush. Yep, as its name preserves, you’re going to bring some kind of vintage theme to become the part of your appeal. It’s really easy and it demands you to do just five simple steps.

First, prepare your hair with some hairspray. Do it lightly. You don’t want to make the hair become too stiff from the beginning so it’ll be harder for you to “shape” it later.

Second, brush your hair gently to smoothen it out. Then, grab the hair and gather it to your nape area. At this point, you can make braid consisting of three strands. Bring the strands to the right side of your head and secure them there by using clip.

Third, focus on the right side area now and make some curls there. That’s how you’re going to create some retro style.

Fourth, you can start doing something with the fringe. Literally, you can do anything you like with it. And the last step is to apply a light hairspray again.

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