How to Style Layered Hair? Figure Out How Easy It Is!

How to Style Layered Hair? Figure Out How Easy It Is! – Layered hair is somehow the most interesting hairstyle to talk about. It may be because of its complicated and appealing look. And it’s totally no doubt for the layered hair to boost the appearance. That’s why as the woman, who surely thinks highly of your hair, you want to know how to style layered hair.

Yes, to have layered hair is good but it’s just half-way-there. It’s like you have got your 50% great look. Without the styling, you won’t have optimal appeal for sure. That’s why, at this point, I’ll give you some of the styles that you can do to your layered hair. So, are you ready?

layered and bangs hairstyle - how to

Layers and Bangs!

Idea number one, we have the combination of layers and bangs! Yep, such combination might seem like hell and heaven in the terms of the contrast. Is it bad? Heck, no! Such styling might be bad if you apply it in the past 5 or 10 years when the hairstyles were not as “extreme” as what we have today.

To be honest, for the upcoming trend in 2015, unique hairstyles are going to hit so hard. That’s why I tell you to have the combination of the layers and the bangs. The contrastive look will actually become your weapon to become the center of attention. As an inspiration, you can have some totally blunt bangs made in curved way and then you make your hair in piece-y layers. It’s stunning for sure.

Layers and Bangs Plus Straight Flat!

Idea number two on how to style layered hair is actually similar with the previous one. You’re going to combine the bang and the layer but at this point, you will have your hair straight by flat-ironing it.

short straight layered hairstyle

So, where’s the layer then if you make your hair straight and flat? You can make the layer started from below your shoulders. You know what? By doing so, you’re going to create some kind of highlight for your hair color. Not to mention, your hair will also look more volume-y up to the ends of your hair strands.

For the finishing, you can make a clean cut with U shape. This kind of hairstyle can be done in both messy way and formal/polished way.

Say Hello to Waves and Curls

Alright, the previous two ideas are about straight hair. What about some waves or even curls? Why not?! To be honest, the waves and the curls can even make the layers become more “visible” no matter the angle that you use to see it.

Therefore, you must not hesitate to include some waves to your layered hair. One quick tip to give better result is to make some short layers on the face area and then you can angle the hair down so the short layers mentioned before can rendezvous with the longer hair placed in the back of your head. It’s easy to do actually.

For the shortest layers, curl the area below the ear and keep doing it to the end of the hair. As for the longer layers, there’s no need to apply too much curling. The point is just to make it meet naturally with the short curls. Your hair will look so volume-y and bouncy!

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