How to Style Medium Hair: Designing Simple Medium Hairdos

How to Style Medium Hair: Designing Simple Medium Hairdos – For those who have medium hair length, fashion world will always provide you with its greatest idea of designing such length of hair. It is because the world of fashion is limitless for you can always find countless hairdos with countless designs. Therefore, you can always find any kind of hairdos with any kind of hair lengths as well. Then, how to style medium hair?
Medium hair is not that hard to be designed. It is easier than the longer one and is not limited like the short one, in fact. Thus, you can be creative on your own to make a new hairstyle. However, if you are new in hairstyle world of fashion, then you should try practicing with the simple medium hairstyles. Below, the writer shares two examples of how to style medium hair that are not difficult for beginner.

How to Style Medium Hair

How to Style Medium Hair with Half-Up Twist Style

For half-up twist style, it is better to have wavy medium hair to give your hairs more volume. If you happen to have the straight one, then you can use curling products to make your hairs wavy before going to design it. Once you are done with that, the writer will tell you how to style medium hair with this style. First, you need to make a center parting on your hairs. Then, take some of your most front hairs which stay on both sides of your head.

The front hairs taken should be the ones on half-up part of the center parting and your ear. After that, twist those hairs on both sides and pull them to the back of your head. Next, join the hair ends of each side in the center of the back of your head with hairgrip. There you go. Now, you have this style on your hairs. This is the simplest way of how to style medium hair. Of course, you can make bangs in front to add chic look on you.

How to Style Medium Hair with Deep Side Style

Deep side style is as easy as the half-up twist one. However, unlike the half-up twist style which requires wavy hairs, this one only needs straight medium hair. You can say it has the same look as the side swept style. However, it is still a bit different than that. You can notice it by knowing how to style medium hair with this style on. First, it deals with side parting, so decide which side you like to be given much hair.

How to Style Medium Hair

Then, it is the time for you to part your hair. However, you need to remember that the parting is not the same with the side swept style. For this style, the parting line should be a bit lower than the side swept one. You can say it is a bit lower than the half-up twist style’s parting as well. Next, you just need to sweep your hair to the intended side. Due to the different amount of hairs, that is why one side of your hair has deep volume. This is how to style medium hair with this deep side style on.

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